Who are your clients?

I’ve trained amazing high achievers and wonderful strong women for over decade. From the exhausted and chronically ill sisters and mothers who inspired me with their relentless resilience when confronted with the harshest living conditions, to the succesful and focused CEO’s, founding partners, professionals, consultants, high potentials and entrepreneurs I’ve worked with as a behavioral training consultant and I’ve learned …

… that there is clear pattern in lifestyle and behavior that can wreak havoc and deteriorate your health in the short and long run, cause fatigue and exhaustion as well as modern illnesses like diabetes and many others.
My clients feel the impact of working crazy hours or managing stressful situations and having no energy left to enjoy what really matters in life: vital energy to resource and grow as an individual, to enjoy their children, to take good care of each other, of their parents and spend leisure time with their friends, to be able to enjoy optimal intimacy with their loved one, to do sports, ...

My clients long to find the wisdom, resources and experience to improve their baseline health, their productivity, their appearance, their lifespan, their offspring, to sleep well, to beat fatigue and to be(come) vitalized and inspired leaders for their family and/or their team. They want to feel blessed (again) in life so they can change the world with their ideas, talents and gifts.

They decided: "Enough is enough. I need help to change in order to move forward. Real change."

It takes a lot of self-love to do so.

Who are you?

I'm a Performance Expert / Biohacker (I had to look that up myself!) / Functional Nutritionist / Behavioural Coach and Trainer / Consultant / Nature Lover / Story Teller . . . YES, I'm super multi-passionate and all-round sensitive.

I'm passionate about human potential and performance, behaviour, genetics, proactive and preventive healthcare.

My talents and skills in general are being strong in analysis and connecting the dots. I'm very curious and a passionate student.

In my previous job I trained high performers in Management, Negotiation, Executive Development, Coaching, and Sales. Still useful after all these years!

My goal is to share very practical teachings with you so that you can become the best version of yourself and change the world with your ideas, talents and gifts.

Why is this your passion?

It is often in hardship when we learn our strengths. For over a decade my life wasn't exactly sunshine and fun. But this period provided me with all the valuable lessons, the love and generosity I need to help others to enjoy life to the fullest.

In 2008 I had to quit my job as a behavioral coach and consultant at a prestigious company. I loved my work, my clients, my colleagues but my body just collapsed. I was a work-alcoholic and I ignored chronic pain signals. When my health was in danger, it finally shut down.

It left me bedridden and in a wheelchair for nearly a decade. It was a tough time, not just for me but for my family and especially my children as well. We lost valuable time together.

Why did it take me such a long time to recover?
Because n o b o d y seemed to know the solution. Every doctor had another explanation and a different treatment.
I decided I was responsible for my own health. Eating right, doing exercises, taking medication ... clearly wasn't enough. My body and health were my biggest assets is in life. It was time to invest.

Learning the science to get better was definitively the best decision I have ever taken. Thousands of people in my situation were looking for the same information. It was scattered all over the internet and there wasn't a framework available. I just applied everything I learned on the way. And today I want to share this knowledge with you in a structured way.

Time isn't just money, it is unique and cannot be replaced. You only live once. Let's enjoy every minute of it in shining good health!

If time is valuable to you and you don't want to miss a second in life, get in touch!

Where do you live?

I have lived in Rome, Italy and the French Caribbean and about 20 years in Antwerp, Belgium.

Since 2006 we live in a small town in a green zone close to Antwerp. We - that includes hubby, a retired forest ranger, our three sons and Zorro our adopted dog - are privileged to be surrounded by a forest and fields. The picture shows the geese flying over in front of the house in the morning.

We try to grow some of our own vegetables and fruits and enjoy the fresh laid eggs of our happy chickens.